Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Song New Guy

So we posted a song from our upcoming EP, High Noon, featuring our new drummer, Anthony De Falco. We've parted ways with Mike and wish him well.

In an effort to keep this thing rolling we rehearsed with Anthony for a week straight and rerecorded drums about a week ago. Our good friend and former band mate, Sam Stauff of Port City Recording was kind enough to do the honors and really help us out by engineering the whole damn drum session.

This week we'll be drum comping and start recording bass and vocals as well. It's an EP that went from an album back to an EP again and is being continually pushed back in its release, but we're getting there and the end product will be well worth the wait. Until then, come see us at The Rocker Room in New Rochelle on March 11 where we'll be debuting all of our new material. Stay fly,

David, Jared & Anthony

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